Saturday, 7 November 2009

So, this is where I'm up to now...

... I've finally finished knitting her jumper. Sewing it on was a little fiddly round the neck area but it turned out pretty well. I also made a small collar which is sewn on top of the jumper. Her face needs a touch up as I've knocked it a few times when I've been sewing and chipped the paint, and her hands too, these need a little more paint and a layer of latex to tidy them up.

Next step was to make all the accessories and face parts. I was most worried about how her glasses would come out but they worked pretty well. I made them by drawing out the shape on some paper and cutting it out to use as a guideline. I rolled some polymer clay so that it was very thin and then cut out the shape of the glasses. Then I used some purple coloured polymer clay and rolled a long thin sausage shape then used this to make the frames. The mouths were made my rolling the shape I wanted and then using a tool to add the detail to make the shapes of the lips. I also made the eyebrows and jewelry using polymer clay.

Next I made the bottoms of the slippers. I made a template by drawing around the models feet and again rolling polymer clay and cutting it out, then I pushed a nut into the clay, this will be used when bolting the character to the set floor when animating.

Below are the finished pieces painted up; glasses, interchangeable mouths, eyebrows, broach, earrings and slipper soles. The mouths were painted with acrylic, as were the eyebrows. Pearl paint was used to paint the earrings and add a highlight to the broach. The pupils on the glasses are made from plasticine and so can be moved around when animating and the frame part was painted with white acrylic paint.

And this is what i'm doing right now; the slippers. I sewed the tights to the model around the edge of the foot and then cut the tights off the sole of the foot (so that the super glue would be attached to the armature rather than just the fabric) and attached the soles of the slippers to the bottom of the feet with super glue. I then brushed the top with latex and left to dry a little until tacky to touch. Next added wadding to the top of the foot and covered it with latex. When this is dry I'll paint it with acrylic paint and add highlights then brush on another layer of latex to seal it all.


  1. man...i need to get a digital camera! These photos are nice, put them up on etsy with lengthy descriptions XD

  2. This post has really inspired me for something I have to do for my latest project! Amazing model!

  3. Aww thanks Donna, I really miss doing this stuff, need to find time to do some more model making myself :)