Thursday, 19 November 2009


At college the other morning we were split into 3 groups and given a camera and a computer with frame thief on and told to create a short piece using pixelation - stop motion using people.

Straight away my group (Sam, Sophie, Charlotte and Gary) started brainstorming what props we could use. Gary's suggestion that we used the bin lead to a brief idea for the storyline which we worked out the basics for then, after assigning roles, we got stuck in with the animating! Charlotte worked the camera and captured the images, Sam and Sophie were the "puppets" and me and Gary animated the inanimate objects! though by the end it all crossed over and I did a little camera work too, using the zoom and moving it whilst Charlotte captured the image.

Working together was great, especially as, with the exception of Sam, I was working with people I hadn't worked with before, but we all got on great, put our ideas forward and took everyone else's ideas on board.

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