Friday, 30 October 2009

Boreal? for real!

So my wallet designs are finally up on

If you're too lazy to go look at the site (but you should) then here are the designs for your viewing pleasure. I have another two that I'm working on too but I need to get them sent off for monday if I want to see them realised any time soon! eeeek!





Halloweeny goodness...

So at the ripe old age of 24 I finally got around to carving my first pumpkin! I tired to be adventurous and add layers to it instead of just cutting out holes, and attempted to make the cheeks thin so that they'd glow... and it worked! *high fives all round*

Finishing the binding...

And finally.... I would have done these all as one post but blogger doesn't seem to like me so doesn't want to let me put the photos where I want.

So this is where I'm up to right at this very minute! 
Have padded out the palms a little with wadding and finished the limbs and bound them all with thread. I've done the body too, first with thread, but then to get a tidier finish I used some wool.

Next few steps will be to attach some bolts into the feet and maybe use some polymorph to gave them a little shape, the fingers need bound with something and then dipped in latex which I'm going to add some dye to so that they're flesh coloured. I think I might brush latex onto the legs, and put some tights on between the layers, but try and keep the texture from the thread a little so that they look like wrinkly stockings. Then obviously I need to make her clothes! I'm planning on knitting her a little tank top so that'll be the most fiddly bit! I just hope I have time to do it otherwise it might be something I have to go back to do later.

Polymer clay, Polymorph, Polytastic...

So the first thing I did with the armature was add the head. It was made from polymer clay so it had to be the first thing I did so that I could bake the whole thing in the oven without anything melting or setting on fire! I could have made it separately but I preferred it to be all one piece so that it was a bit stronger.

I shaped a ball of foil around the loop on the head of the armature to reduce the amount of clay I would need to use which would make it lighter too. It did end up pretty heavy still due to the hair because I built that up gradually so it was just solid clay. The oven is a bit useless so her head got a bit burnt, but nothing a lick of paint won't fix.

Next, I used polyform to make parts of the armature solid. I added this to the pelvis so that the wire wouldn't move there, and to the shoulders. I also added some to the ankles because of the way the wire is bent... the plasticine model had problems because of that; it kept squashing so she wouldn't stand up, she would just roll backwards on her heels and fall over.

Last thing i've done at this point is to start covering the wire. Her arms won't be seen but I wanted to give them a little more shape under her clothes and protect the wire. I wrapped them in wadding and then very tightly bound it with cotton thread.

The Real Deal...

This is the wire armature for the final model. I'd been toying with the idea of using Loc-line, but a lack of funds means I couldn't really afford it! I printed off a picture of the character to give me something to work off so that I knew my armature was to scale. the fingers are a little rubbish as the wire used snaps so easily when you bend it. Hopefully once they're dipped in latex they won't be so bad.


I've finally made a start on my 3D model at college so thought I'd document the progress before it gets too far in.

First up is the maquette I made. It has an armature made from aluminium wire which is covered in plasticine. I spent quite a lot of time on it so I'm thinking about making a cast of it so I can make one that I can paint up...

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Zombie Fruit?!...

applessssss... for a little thing i've been working on that might even bring in some pennies! hoorah!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Tablet: take two

So after a successful first attempt on the tablet I decided to have another go. I figure I stayed up this late playing with it, I might as well post it!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Coraline a la Lynsey

So about 3 or 4 weeks after I bought it I FINALLY decided to try using my wacom tablet, which I'd put off doing 'cause i knew that if I couldn't get the hang of it straight away I'd just get annoyed with it, shove it in the back of the wardrobe and it would never see the light of day again...

but turns out I actually love using it! so here is my first attempt! hoorah!


Well I tried to add to my other post but it went all crazy and made a mess of it!

These are a couple of doodles that I did last night. The doll was just because i wanted to draw something with huge eyes.

The boy was because i was trying to think of a subject for a cute little mini animation, something lasting just 10 seconds or so, just something to brush up on my cinema 4D skills.

Blah Blah Blah...

As if keeping up with facebook wasn't enough hard work, now i need to keep a blog for college, so figure i might as well stick some of my other stuff on here too. i'm not sure how this works but here goes!...
I'm trying to fill a little sketchbook up, just to get me drawing and try and get a bit better at it, practice makes perfect and all that jazz. 

I bought Coraline yesterday and watched it for the first time today (along with the making of... college research, honestly!) i wasn't sure if i'd like it or not but it's awesome, and so i was inspired to do my own little drawing of Coraline, though i'm not sure why she's surrounded by floating buttons.