Thursday, 19 November 2009

live brief...

So these are two of the characters for my Live Brief which is for E4. These are pretty rushed (especially the colouring) because I needed something for my presentation, but they kinda show what i'm going for; something simple as they'll be made into 3D puppets.

I was going to make one cast to make all of the puppets from silicone, but it's going to be better to make two; one male, one female. I could have added padding to alter the shape of the figure, but I don't want them to be the same height, plus the feet will be an issue, but i'm going to have to address that when it's not silly o'clock. I need to work out properly how they're going to be made as the heads will be made from polymer clay, and something needs to be done with the feet when it comes to creating the tie-downs because silicone doesn't like you gluing stuff to it!

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