Sunday, 8 November 2009

its the final countdown, dun nur nur nurrr, dun nur nur-nur nurrrr...

Have painted the slippers now, yey, but it took a few layers of paint. I painted them with a dark pink first then dry brushed them with a lighter colour but they were a little too bright and pink, so I pretty much repainted it with the lighter pink then made a mucky greyish pink to dry brush them again. This is how I plan to make her dead pet cat too, so that the fur looks all matted!

Her hands have been knocked about a bit so they needed a touch up. When I painted them first time round I painted them with the paint as it came, and it was a bit too dark and orange. This time I mixed it with a bit of white so the colour is a closer match to her face. Then I dipped them in latex again (I did start brushing it on but it was pulling the paint off), then I brushed over a little talc to get rid of the super glossy finish.

I've glued all the details on now too, her earrings, broach and glasses, using super glue. I also touched up her face a bit where paint had been knocked off during the making process and tidied up a few raggidy ends with some hairspray (not too much though, I don't want her looking too neat and well groomed).

Taaa daaaaaaaa.... just a few stains to paint on her clothes, and I'm fiddling about with a collar for the back of her neck to cover some of the mess up, but depends if it works or not.

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