Wednesday, 12 May 2010

S.W.O.T analysis - Overview of academic year 2009 - 2010

So before I print all my blog off for hand-in, I thought it would be a good idea to do a brief analysis of the last year so that I can highlight areas that need improved so I can work on them over the summer:

   Research - I feel that when it comes to research I explore every possible avenue, trying to think outside the box to draw inspiration from unusual sources. My research files usually pull in my best marks.
   Photoshop - over the last year my skills in photoshop have developed a lot more, though there is still some way to go.
   2.5D animation - this was my strength last year as I am able to produce nice clean work which works well in 2.5D, this needs to be revisited so I can build on this strength.
   Model Making -  although I haven't been overly pleased with the models I have produced I do think that it is a strength of mine and during the processes I am learning a lot so hopefully my skills will improve.

   Cinema 4D - 3D modeling and rigging - I've bought a book for this so that I can work through tutorials over the summer and grasp a basic knowledge of how to model characters. I will also learn new skills by working through tutorials on the greyscalegorilla website.
   Illustrator -  I do most of my work in photoshop but being able to create vector art would be a massive bonus. Again I have bought a book that I can work through over the summer and will be setting myself little projects.
   Life Drawing - Having only done a weeks life drawing classes in first year, I need to add to these skills, there are a number of classes over the summer which I hope to attend, and I will also be using to work on my drawing skills.
   Producing Sound - I need to think more about the sound when developing concepts as this is a massive weakness of mine, or I need to find another source to produce a sound track for me or with me.

   In order to improve my skills in these areas I will be using and working through the archive of topics and producing work either hand drawn, in Cinema 4D or in Illustrator, trying to stay away from using the media I feel comfortable with.

   Music Video - producing a music video for local band Odd Shaped Head will be an opportunity to fine tune my modeling and stop motion skills, and get my work out there.
   Boreal Wallets -  producing wallet designs for an online store, again this gets my work out there as they also advertise the artists who produce the work.
   Festivals - producing work for festivals over the summer, or submitting the bands music video.
   Freelance work - the possibility of freelance work over the summer will help add to my portfolio and showreel and possibly provide opportunities to learn new software.
   Funding - applying for funding in order to buy the equipment I need to set up freelance.

   Other animators - those who are more experienced than me and have better skills.


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