Friday, 7 May 2010


Well, my penultimate week of college is now over, and I have a LOT of work to do. A LOT.

We had our little presentations today on final show. It was really good fun seeing what everyone had planned, I'm really excited about some of the ideas.
My lecturer seems to approve of mine too, and although I'm sticking with my new idea which all centers around Mabel... the squid is staying! HURRAH! Though he won't be on my board with Mabel's stuff, he's going to be suspended from the ceiling. Although I am thinking about tying him in somehow by having one of the digital paintings/photographs in the installation of Mabel's late husband catching the squid. I just think it'd be nice to tie it in somehow.
So I really need to start gathering stuff ASAP!

I have three modules that I have to hand in on friday, so I'm going to list them here so I can refer to it.


*File containing:
*All briefs, feedback forms and tutorial forms.
*CV and covering letter
*Business card designs
*Research into companies (with group presentation print out)
*Leaflets etc from exhibitions (NYC trip etc)
*Live briefs and competitions (YCN, D&AD etc)
*Blog - print off, screen shots of any linked websites and videos - evidence of time planning
*Inspiration -  artists, films, etc
*Business cards
*Showreel - one containing full versions of animation, one showing 'best of'

Portfolio Development

*A3 Portfolio
*Commentaries for each piece in portfolio -  justify relevance to skillset.
*Personal Ident
*A second animation or fully realised concept
*Model photos - tidy in PS

Work Related

*Negotiated Brief (E4 ESting)
*Presentations (E4 Movie night, Bands Video, E4 ESting)
*Work experience (OSH) and diary of work - meeting with band etc robots for website
*Uni courses
*Skill set print outs - skill set presentation.
*Boreal wallets

I also need to finish editing together the final animation for E4 and type up my research and development for it, fortunately the character board and storyboard is already done and mounted. If I can get all the written work out of the way this weekend I'll be happy! Then I can spend next week doing my ident and another 10 second animation! :s


  1. mmmmmm colour-coded to do list *drooool*

  2. haha did you not see the super confusing one i did the other week, have now changed it to just black so i can forget about how confusing it was lol was colour co ordinated for each day of the week, then as i did tasks and crossed them out i coloured them the colour of the day i did them on incase i did them earlier or later than planned. it was super head-hurty.

  3. LISTS
    i am so sick of lists.
    I cannot make any more lists. I'm going to go mad

  4. me to Alex. its the briefs that are driving me nuts!
    we can't have anything marked more than once, but everything overlaps and i don't know what goes where and can;t double up on it! WAAAAAAAaaaaaaa....

  5. oh by the way (please dont kill me) we dont need briefs, tutorials, or feedback forms and skillset goes in ppd

    the handout youre working from is an old one, just ignore it and use your brief. <- SAYS DAVE

  6. haha i wont kill you alex! i may hung you so hard that you suffocate though, finally someone has a clue! lol