Friday, 21 May 2010


... this is my first post since handing in all my work for the end of my course! sad times, but there's still final show so it ain't over yet!

So what have I been up to since then? Well, working mostly! but I've had a couple days off and have been doing some bits and pieces.

The last two days were spent doing some images for a friend. He wanted some characters for the showreel for his companys website; something really basic, and had a list of scenarios for the characters to act out. We finally agreed on a design for the characters and I drew a bunch of them up in photoshop. 

Here's some of the finished ones, they're going to be on an orange background on the website so I've stuck one on here so you can see how they look, one of the guys putting the showreel together is going to animate them too, move the heads and whatnot so they don't look so static...

Today I FINALLY made a start on final show stuff :s it's not looking too promising though, I have a week to get all my stuff in for print, which includes, hopefully, 5 digital paintings, which are taking AGES, and I'm working a lot so that doesn't leave me much time to do it all, so it's probably going to be a little bit of a disappointment as I've already had to cut a lot of stuff :(

I've drawn up 3 of the images I want to do so that I'll at least have 3 completed ones (hopefully!) and then I can try and find time to do the other 2. They're all images of Mabel and her husband, Arthur. I have a photo from their wedding day in 1946, a photo from a holiday in Brighton in 1950, and a photo from Mabels 70th birthday when she gets her pet cat (who needs a name, suggestions are welcome!) as a present from her hubby... the last present she'll ever get from him! 

These are all going to be painted digitally, something I haven't really done a lot of... well, in fact I've done it twice, so probably not a wise move. The inspiration is from this Future Lions poster. There's a few on the walls in the studio at college, turns out it's done in Photoshop which is pretty crazy. I love the look of it, so I'm hoping to achieve something similar and give my characters a more 3D look, it's not going to be to that standard but hopefully it'll work... ish...

Well here's one of the images, this is the beach holiday one...

I've gone about colouring it the same way I did the portraits in previous posts; with a coloured outline and blending it in. The image is pretty basic, but as it's not my strong point and I don't have a photo to reference it's taking some time to do...

Fingers crossed I get them finished so that I have something to actually show at Final Show!! :s


  1. you dont need a ref for something like this, you're doing fine!

  2. haha thanks alex :) using a technique i learned from you; blending the outline.