Tuesday, 11 May 2010

business cards, sneak preview...

I can't imagine I'll be updating much this week... or maybe I will in order to put off doing scary work stuff for hand in.

This is for part of my hand in though; my business card designs.
I decided to go for the mini cards from moo.com. Well, I say 'decided' I've known all along I wanted that size and hadn't really considered normal sized ones. It's only £11.99 for 100 of them, and you can upload up to 100 images so each card can be different. Bargain ay?

Well 100 images is a little too much, so I've opted for four. These four images will make up a full image when pieced together, kinda like collectors cards. There will be 3 panels which I am having 30 of each printed, then the fourth panel will only have 10 printed, and they'll be numbered; card 1, 2, 3 or 4. Of course the idea isn't really to collect them, it's just a bit of geeky fun, no one needs 4 of my business cards anyway!
These will tie in with the website though, as the main page will (hopefully) be of these four panels, so anyone who has a card and visits the website will see the whole image anyway. The idea is, if it's possible, to have each of the four panels as a hyperlink (or whatever you call it) to a page on my website, for example panel one will lead to my illustration page, panel two to my animation page and so on. These will be labelled of course, I'm thinking scanned in masking tape and a hand drawn font.

If everything I want to do is possible then there'll be some other fun sneaky bits too, but we wouldn't want to spoil it all would we?

So for now here's the cards so far. I still need to add the shrubbery for the floating heads to pop up from, the woodland floor and a whole bunch of other little fun details...


  1. What a clever bunny you are, nice job

  2. haha, why thank you good sir.