Sunday, 2 May 2010

3rd May - 9th May

Well based on last weeks list I'm predicting a lot of the little extras I put on this weeks list won't get done, unless I manage to do a lot of catching up. As things haven't been going quite as planned the order in which I'm doing things has been jumbled, and so I'm scrapping the whole colour coordination thing! hurrah.
Bank holiday means no college on Monday (or so I'm assuming) so at least I'll be able to catch up on stuff and hopefully get back on track by finishing off mounting sets and finishing off the model.

So, this weeks plan, which can probably be taken with a pinch of salt, looks like this...

Monday 3rd May: Mount sets. Gather sound. Make Binoculars. Attach models head. Type up Research. Start typing up Development.

Tuesday 4th May: Animating. Gather images for Portfolio.

Wednesday 5th May: Animating. Plan images for showreel and choose music.

Thursday 6th May: Animating. Concept for 2.5D animation.

Friday 7th May: AM: PPD. PM: Editing. Add sound.

Saturday 8th May: WORK. Typing up Development.

Sunday 9th May: Finish all E4 written work? (Development and Evaluation). Portfolio work. Branding. 2.5D concept.

I've given myself a lot of time to do the animation, at least I think I have, just incase I come across any problems. With any luck it'll take less time than that and I can catch up on things!

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