Monday, 8 March 2010

This weeks plan...

After a hand-in last week I have this week off so I'm hoping to catch up on some work!...

Alice in Wonderland book cover:

   My Silicone arrived at the end of last week so first off I'm hoping to finish the mould for my Alice model, then I can open it up, take her out, strip all the plasticine off her, put the armature back in the mould and then fill it with silicone. If all goes according to plan by the end of the week I'll have a body for alice and can start making her clothes! 
   After hand in I did some more work on her head; painting it and starting to glue on the hair, I'll put some photos up when I've done a bit more.
   I also need to start drawing up the set pieces and colouring them in Photoshop.

Music Video:

   This weekend I made the basic parts of the armatures for the video, there are 5 in total. Today I'm hoping to finish them off (adding the thinner wire to bind them and make fingers) and start working on the polymer clay feet. If I manage to get this done today then I can start fleshing them out with plasticine. Once the armatures are fleshed out I can start making the heads, which will be made the same way Alice's head was made. 
   I'm hoping that by the end of the week I can be making the moulds for them. For the 3 band members i'll be making the moulds out of plaster, this is a much quicker process so I could manage to get them all made in one day if I really try.
   I might be meeting with the band this week too so I need to draw up some rough storyboards to show them so I can start thinking about making the sets too.

Final Show/ Portfolio:
   I really need to make a start on this as I have such a lot to do. Recently I've been working a lot on my modelling skills as this is what I want to do, but I need to brush up on my other skills too to add to my portfolio. So I plan on attempting to get the following done!...
   * A hand drawn pose to pose animation - something short but sweet
   * Modelling a character in C4D and creating a walking cycle
   * A short 2.5D animation using C4D
   * A short animation using Flash - maybe reusing the frames from the hand drawn pose to pose animation.
   * Some still images, created in C4D, using tutorials from the greyscalegorilla website.
   * Giant plushie squid for final show
   * A number of plushie zombie apples for final show
   * Boba Fett Helmet
   I'd also quite like to create another stop motion model using a different technique to the ones I'm currently making, and I have a 'Top Secret Project' to work on with Chris Folwell! though that will probably roll over into the summer. If I have time I'd like to maybe create more sets for the Alice model I'm making to produce more photographs/illustrations of different scenes from the book so that I can print them off for final show, and to use on my business cards. 

   Over the course of the next week we've been asked to prepare a portfolio and showreel, a work schedule for the remaining weeks on the course (for all the stuff I've listed above!) and look at idents and stuff for self branding, which is something i've started thinking about already, and have even bought my domain name!

   So I think you get the point... lots to do! wish me luck!

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