Tuesday, 9 March 2010

For any one who is interested...

... on Sky Anytime you can watch three previously Oscar Nominated shorts, i've posted the youtube links to them too...

   The first one is a Hungarian animation, Maestro by Kedd Bemutatja, a computer generated short about a cuckoo clock. It was nominated in 2007 for the Oscar, and has won three other awards. I actually came across this a while ago when I was doing research for a project. The story line isn't so bad, but I just find it boring and not in the slightest bit appealing, the colours are drab as is the lighting, and I don't care much for the character design.

   The Second short is an Australian short, Harvie Krumpet by Adam Elliot, a stop motion animation made using clay models about the life of a polish imigrant with incredibly bad luck. The character design is basic but works well and I really like the animation overall. The story is really quite sad, but still manages to be quite amusing, probably due to the way it's narrated like a childrens TV programme. It won the Oscar in 2004 along with 19 other awards!

   The Third one is Anna and Bella, a dutch film about two sisters looking back on their life together. It won the oscar in 1986, and won one other award. I very much like the style of animation, it reminds me a little of older disney films, and reminds me of one of my favourite graphic novels, Tamara Drewe by Posy Simmonds who has the same sketchy-pencil style.

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