Sunday, 28 March 2010

"Ta Daaaa" AKA "One down, many more to go..."

Once I'd had enough of faffing on with her face I drew in the hair roughly...

On a separate layer I coloured in roughly what I thought I wanted the hair to look like; where the dark and light areas would be...

Then I tried to tidy this up with a finer brush ...

I really struggled with the hair (I kinda wish I'd made her bald!) so I decided to cheat and colour the background.

The point in this exercise was to do something different as everything I draw is so flat and I've never drawn anything this way before, and I do feel like I've learned a bit. Although it doesn't look like Alex's style of colouring, I've reached the conclusion that it's a good thing, I've used her advice and come up with something that reflects me and my style of work; neat and clean. I'm actually pretty pleased with it.


  1. Looks super duper, you've done a great job on the hair.

    Have a fun time in nooooo york, make sure you wrap my present as nice as you did those christmas ones

  2. haha present!? you should be so lucky! :P
    have a lovely easter! catch you when i returnnnn... :)