Saturday, 27 March 2010


Tonight I've been working on the mouth and eyes. I'm pleased with how it's going as it's my first attempt but it hasn't got the same painty finish to it that Alex's stuff does which I really like, I guess, like she said, I need to not be so neat with it. Oh I shaded the ear too, which I can't seem to get right, I actually did that first, but I had a few attempts at it then decided to move on 'cause it was annoying me.


  1. Looks good, I still think you might be being too neat though, have a browse on this guys blog, his tone work is amazing.

  2. wow that guy is awesome.
    i'm a neat person by nature though so i can't help it, it's just how i am, i guess it wouldn't be my own work if i tried to just replicate someone else, and i'm actually quite pleased with it for my first attempt at something that isn't a cartoon! i'm not gonna be a pro straight away, that's why i'm doing it, need to learn about how the light works and learn a few things first.
    Once i get a feel for how the contours of a face work and learn how to use lighting more i'll probably find it easier to use more blocky colour.