Friday, 26 March 2010

Noooooo Yorrrk

I had the opportunity to apply for a free place for the New York trip with college, so I wrote a personal statement about why I thought I deserved a place and handed it in with a copy of my record of attendance and crossed my fingers... and the finger-crossing worked! So a week after being told I have a place I'm offski! and I can't wait! :D hopefully I'll take a million photos and see some uber cool stuff that I can post on here too. And maybe even come back with a few goodies!

Here's a doodle of me in NYC, which I put on the bottom of the statement I handed in, I thought a cute little drawing might be nice and show i'd spent some time on the statement, definitely didn;t do me any harm! Was quite fun to draw as it was the first time I'd really used my 0.05 pens so I drew it really tiny, kinda wish I'd just drawn it straight onto the statement though 'cause the scan doesn't look as good.

Once I get back from NYC the college is closed for 2 weeks (boooo), so Pa Gray was nice enough to pick me up from college today so I could take pretty much everything I need home. So when I get back next weekend I'll be making the plaster moulds for the band members and casting them in silicone. so once again fingers will be crossed that it all works!

Rather than stressing myself out trying to get stuff done before NYC when it ain't gonna get done, I decided to have a night off, and tonight I've been doing a little drawing. I'm rubbish at life drawing shizzle; faces, people etc etc and I really need to learn because I should have some in my portfolio, pretty much all of the job roles I looked at on Skillset required evidence of life drawing skills.
Our student teacher, Rachel, did a lesson this week with us using They have these 30 second drawings with various poses, each pose stays on the screen for 30 seconds and you have to draw it, then it changes to the next one. It was pretty frustrating, but useful! She said that she would do a few a day or week and keep track of how her skills progressed, so I think once I get back I might try that myself, even if I spend 10 minutes on it a day.

I love sitting watching Alex Davy drawing and colouring in PS cause she's freaking awesome at it, I'm always trying to pick up tips and asking her stuff, and tonight I thought I'd give it a go, so I found a picture I liked on google with some nice lighting and have been having a go at drawing it up. It's also the first time I've drawn something with my tablet as if it was a pencil! I usually draw stuff by hand and scan it in then use the pen tool to create the outline, which works 'cause everything is usually very clean lines, so this was new for me, but it works well for Alex so I thought I'd give it a bash. So here it is so far, it doesn't look exactly like the girl in the photo I used but I guess it's more an exercise in colouring. I'm taking screen shots as I go so I can refer back to it if it goes well. Here's hoping!

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