Friday, 19 February 2010

What's next for Alice...

Over the next week i'll hopefully finish making Alice's body.

Firstly I need to flesh the armature out with plasticine to get the shape i want. this will then be used to make a mould using vinamold. The plasticine covered armature will then be removed from the mould and the plasticine stripped off before placing it back in the mould and filling it with silicone which will be coloured using oil paints. While i'm waiting for the silicone to set i'll be working out how much fabric i need and dying it the colours i want. Rather than buying large amounts of coloured fabric when i'll be using such a small amount, i bought a plain white cotton fabric which i can dye easily. I can also start working on the head during this time.

Over the next week i also plan to add to my research and start logging my development of the concept and the process of making the armature, and also working on what sort of items and images i will want to use in the final image.

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