Friday, 19 February 2010

more updates...

Odd Shaped Head Music Video

This project has been going a little slow this last week or so as i've been working on the alice project to catch up after I changed from doing the E4 brief.

I've drawn up images of the band and the two main characters and worked out how the armatures will fit, and have drawn up a separate set of images to work out the clothing for each character which i'm in the process of colouring as concept art.

I've had to order more wire to make the armatures, but hopefully it'll arrive early next week so i can make the armatures for the band members, (i've already made the armatures for the two main characters), then i can make the polymer clay feet and add the polymorph like i have with the alice armature, then start fleshing them out with plasticine. Hopefully this will all be done by the end of next week! 

I also need to start working on images for the backgrounds and sets.

I met with the two of the guys from the band this week and they're pleased with everything so far. they're recording this weekend so i should have a rough copy of the track next week to start working on story boards. They're also playing a gig on the 5th of march so i;m hoping to pop along so i can get some ideas of how they move when on stage.

so for now here's one of the character designs that i've coloured...

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