Thursday, 11 February 2010


Things have changed since I last posted...

I'm no longer doing the E4 project as I have a lot to do for the music video, so I've decided to do the Penguin Books brief to do a cover for Alice in Wonderland, but rather than doing an illustration I've decided to make 3D models and a set and photograph it. So as a result I'm a little behind on everything, it does mean less work as i have less models to make and don't have to do a 2nd animation, but just need to catch up with everything now! 

Hopefully the next week will be spent making the armatures for the bands models, and for the Alice character, working out my composition for the alice cover and finishing off my research for both projects. By the end of next week i want to be drawing up sets for the Alice project and be ready to cast the models for the band and start working on clothes and heads.

here's a couple of rough designs for the characters in the bands video...

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