Monday, 1 February 2010

TO DO: 1st Feb - 7th Feb

I'm trying to be more organised with these two new projects as I have a LOT to do, so I figured I'll try put a weekly plan up to try and tick off, then if I don't get at least 70% of it done you can all tell me off for being lazy. 

Here's this weeks list...

  *Final Character Designs - coloured and on A3 sheet - this will allow me to see what needs to be made for each model and I can tick off on each model what has been done.
  *Ideas for sets - plan of layout - as this is filmed as though the character is running through one long set I am going to draw up a timeline, like a visual script, detailing the sets so I know what needs to be made.
  *Collect research images and start typing up.

Odd Shaped Head:
  *Final Character Designs - coloured and on 2x A4 sheets - one sheet for the band and one for the two lead characters, again this will allow me to see what needs to be made for each model. Once I am able to work on storyboards when I have a copy of the song I can work on supporting characters.
  *Set ideas/ concept art - these will be based on the concept so far to provide images for the storyboards which will be done once I have heard the final recording of the song so that I can plan out how the video will play out. Once I have a copy of the song I will be able to draw upthe actual storyboards and then I can work out what sets I need.
  *Maquette for Lion Head - if I get time this week I'll try to make a maquette of the Lions head out of plasticine to see how it might look and to show the band so I can get some feedback on how the design looks in 3D.

Armatures: as both my projects are stop motion then this covers both projects.
  *flesh out armatures with plasticine to make moulds
  *make boxes for armatures for moulds
  *start making moulds with vinamold
  *start making armatures for OSH models with Polymer Clay feet baked on.

  *document armature building
  *500 words on skillset
  *sort out PPD folder - 3rd year universities, skillset, live briefs, competitions.

hmmmm, well not sure how much of a dent i'll make in that lot but i'll have to give it a good go!

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