Friday, 19 February 2010

Right, here we go...

So this is where i'm at with stuff at the moment...

Alice in Wonderland Penguin Classics Brief:

I've drawn out 10 possible layouts for the cover in rough and have narrowed the choice down to 2. 

These aren't showing up too great, i'll get some roughly coloured versions up at some point.

The top image is the concept I am currently thinking about working on, it'll use photography for capturing the model of the character and illustrator and photoshop to add detail. The idea is that it looks like a playing card, the images will show two sides to alice and the drawn detail will incorporate elements and imagery from the book. I'm not sure how the back of the book will look though.

The second image, although simple, was one of my favourites as the character was framed by the hole she was peering through and i hoped it evoked a sense of curiosity so that the reader would want to pick up the book and find out what alice was so intrigued by. The set would be created in 2D, either by using photographs of textures or creating my own images and textures in photoshop.

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