Tuesday, 1 December 2009

so far not sooooo bad...

Well I managed to get some of my stuff done today, just! and there's still an hour left so who knows what else I might manage to do!

Dave told us today he wanted all of our research finished... today. That hasn't happened unfortunately. I've managed to look at several examples of mixed media animations and techniques and save some images to annotate but haven't put it together and typed it up yet. I had the choice of putting my own stuff on hold or putting the group work on hold, and I didn't want to be responsible for holding the group project up when there's 3 other people to consider. So I prioritized as best I could.

So from my list for today I managed to sort out the script (changing some scenes round and adding new ones), type up the 31 questions we were given to answer as a group about the project, and do the images for the piles of junk for the outdoor animation scenes. 

I still need to do the 2D pensioner and a few props but hopefully they won't take too long and I can maybe do them tomorrow.

On the upside... The guys from boreal.org.uk have asked me to do the background for the website for christmas AND they sent me one of my designs in it's finished wallet form for my portfolio, and i'm super chuffed with how it looks all printed up and sewn together. Not sure whether to save it or use it! Will post some photos when I manage to get some.

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