Monday, 21 December 2009

fah lah lah lah laaaah, lah lah lah laahhh...

I finally have a day off! Hurrah! So i've been wrapping christmas presents :D I figure it's a creative process so I'm posting them on here. And anyway, they do look rather pretty even if I do say so myself. I knew that my drawer full of salvaged ribbons from christmases past would come in useful!!


  1. Aw how pretty, you should of posted a 'how to' as I'm afraid mine won't turn out quite as well...

    If the contents are as good as the wrapping theres going to be some happy present recievers!

  2. haha drop them off here and i'll wrap them for ya! :P

    unfortunately the presents inside aren't massively exciting, hopefully they'll look too nice to open so no one will ever know! :)

    looking forward to christmas? i hope it's still snowy! i LOVE the snow :D haven't had the chance to build a snowman yet though :(

  3. Well I need to buy them first actually so I might be pushing it for time...

    Its the thought that counts anyhow. Yeah I hope it is too! I haven't built a snowman either, its begs the question...where am I wasting all my time? I should make it my number one priority and so should you!

  4. last time we had enough snow here i made one, but that was jan 2006! aaaages ago! he was a pretty nifty snowman though!...

    i have a day off on christmas eve so hopefully there'll be enough snow then for me to make one!

    haha you haven't started your shopping yet!? shame on you!

  5. thats rediculous. mine were in tin-foil.

    well not really. but still, cuuuuuuuuuuute! <3