Tuesday, 8 December 2009

We had group tutorials today to see where we're up to with the stop motion project (the Granny one). As a result I have a to do list to complete for January 4th, the day I go back to college after Christmas...

1. Time Plan - I need to add to this and detail what scenes we will be working on and when etc.

2. Concept art - This will either be done by scanning a scene from Sams storyboards and colouring it up or photographing Granny in a pose and using that to create some concept art.

3. Building the set - the majority of the set work is done, it just needs printed off on a large scale to suit the models and mounted onto card.

4. Stock Footage - collecting stock footage for the montage at the beginning of the animation

5. Collect Sound - collect a number of sounds for the animation so that when we get back after christmas we have a large sound bank to choose from.

6. Pixelation - to create the scene where the hands are holding cutlery Pixelation will be used. I also need to make the cutlery props for this.

7. Create my own Timeplan - as well as the group stuff I have my E4 stuff to do, which is a lot of work! (9 stop motion models to make!!!) so I need to organise myself!

here's some doodles to keep you occupied...

I drew this at college today... when I probably should have been doing work :s I think I might draw it up properly and colour it up.

And this was something I doodled in bed the other night. Neil does this drawing a day thing, so I bought a little sketchbook, 10cm x 10cm, and was going to fill a page a day with a doodle. I did this one four days ago and haven't done one since...


  1. Well this is a lovely little blog isn't it!

    Really good work on here Lynsey, its nice to see the best model in the class come to life before my monitors eyes!

  2. hahah, well it's not a spot on your blog mind! your stuff is AWESOME! i'm super jealous. i love the cowboys :D *high five*

  3. a doodle a day? are you mmmmmmmmmmmad?