Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Change of plan for Christmas, I'm now going to be making my moulds out of Vinamold, which, even if I order now, won't be processed until after christmas (booo!). So over christmas I'll be making the armatures for all the models, and building a few of them up with plasticine ready to use to make the mould. I can probably start on the clothes and stuff too 'cause the plasticine models will be the same size as the final ones. The Vinamold can be melted down and reused so it'll be a lot more cost effective than using plaster as once I've cast a few models from one mould I can reuse it for the next.

I'm also meeting up with the guys from Odd Shaped Head this week to discuss the possibility of doing a music video for them. If it all goes ahead then I'll be doing it as one of my college briefs, and as I'll be getting paid for it, if I struggle to get a placement, I can use it as my work experience.

I haven't been too well today, so I've been snuggled up watching DVDs, drinking a lot of tea (as per usual), doing a little work on my armatures, and drawing a picture for my christmas cards! Rather than making loads of bits by hand for it like I have done in the past, I drew a picture on brown paper and have coloured it up in photoshop. I'm just going to print it onto photopaper and make some cards to put it on. Can't afford to buy cards this year, so a few people will be getting these. It's the thought that counts right?

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