Thursday, 3 December 2009

Ticking off the "to do" list...

Well I managed to get my 2D Pensioner very nearly finished on tuesday! was just after midnight when I packed in working (by like 6 minutes, so it still all counts as being done on Tuesday really...) but I had him drawn up in photoshop and coloured. 

I didn't get much done at all yesterday as I got to college and we had a computer lesson. We learnt how to use Flash. I didn't get much finished, I found it pretty frustrating to use, but I'll be going back to it as it looks like it'd be pretty useful for creating quick little animations and animatics once I get the hang of it. So hopefully i'll get on top of my workload so I have time to go back and play around with it.

This morning I finished off my 2D pensioner by adding some textures. He's not amazing but he's only to stand in the background so he'll do. I also typed up some Development work for my Live Brief work after my presentation the other day, taking on board some of the feedback from Dave. So the rest of today will be spent adding to the script, reworking the storyboards and hopefully drawing up the final set, doing some character designs, and drinking a LOT of tea.

These last few posts have been pretty wordy! so for those of you who don;t bother reading it and just look at the pretty pictures, here's Gramps...

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