Wednesday, 19 January 2011

What? No knitting?...

This 2 posts a week malarkey is proving a little difficult at the moment!
So far this week I've been a little too busy to do much other than work-work, and I'm currently knitting the second sleeve for my jumper so any progress photos would be pretty much the same as the first one. The last of the wool arrived for it this week though, from Knits in the City, so I now have everything I need!

All the bits for my top secret stitching-wedding-present project arrived on Monday from Sew and So so that's all ready to go too! I bought the patterns I needed on eBay and got a few extra freebies with them, so I'm working on this little fellow for a friend, I thought it'd be a nice small one to start me off...

Another project I have on the go is an alphabet of animals. Original, I know... It was more an exercise to give me something creative to do which had a running theme, just to keep me doing stuff.
Remember these Woodland Animals? Well I'm sticking to that style but using a variety of different media to create them... hand drawn, photoshop, plushie, collage, 3D model, knitted, cross stitched... and whatever else I can think of!
Have been googling each letter to find some less obvious animals and to find a little more inspiration, though there are a few favourites of mine that will be obvious choices, I'm sure! Only thing is I need to do 2 per month (with 2 extra to fit in somewhere) and it's already the 19th of January, so I need to get a wriggle on!

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