Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Final Show... Photographs...

Well here are the photos of the finished set up for final show!

I managed to get some frames from some charity shops, the four of them totaled £6.97, a bargain! The chair has been knocking about the studio since I started the course so I'd put dibs on that months ago!

I would have liked a teacup to put my business cards in, but I was worried it might get knocked off the arm of the chair and break so I decided it was best to avoid that. I had started making the cat too, but it wasn't quite finished in time so I left it out...

... and here's the giant plushie squid I made! I wish I had some 'making of photos' to put up, but it was a rush job so I didn't really have time and as I didn't need them to get marked on I didn't worry about it too much. The shorter tentacles are actually about the height of me, as is the body, and then the 2 longer tentacles are about the length of me if I stand with my arms in the air! So it's pretty huge! 

... not the greatest photo of me but it might give you some idea of the size of the squid!...

1 comment:

  1. You definitley stole the show my dear.

    The squid is amazing, so hats of too you. Yous should be selling these. Infact, I could design a few characters and you could knock them up, we'll be laughing all the way to the bank!