Thursday, 8 April 2010

Tim Burton Exhibition at MoMA

Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take photos in this exhibition, and I wasn't able to take any photos on the sly either as it was so super rammed inside! So I've stolen these two off the tinterweb...

I really enjoyed the exhibition. There were a lot of illustrations that I had seen before, a lot that I hadn't, and some sculptures. There were props from various films which were pretty cool to see, and of course a whole bunch of stop motion models!

It was great to see all the models from Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride, and all the older models from his shorter animations like Vincent. It kinda made me think maybe I should stop being so hard on myself as the models are not as flawless at they look in the films. Don't get me wrong, they're amazing, but it's nice to get up close and see where they've been hand painted and some of the lines are a little wobbly, or glue is showing.

My absolute favourite part, and the part I'd been most looking forward to, was the aliens from Mars Attacks. Mackinnon and Saunders had made the stop motion models for the film, which were later scanned and CGI was used for the aliens instead, but the models were at the exhibition, along with a screen showing the screen tests of the animated models... which looked awesome! It's so sad that they didn't get used in the end, they looked so much better than the CGI. The models themselves were amazing. They had one of the bare armatures too, so you could see all the parts that were animated, including the weird giblety bits on the aliens face which had little individual armatures so they could be animated. I wish I could have stolen one.

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