Tuesday, 20 April 2010

19th April - 25th April

So, after a bit of a disaster with the moulds for the band (photos to follow shortly) I have had to have a whole re-jig of my plans!

The result? Well for hand in I'm now doing an E4 10 second esting. I'll be doing stop motion, and making use of the Alice mould and armature that I've already made.

In the meantime I'll be making a generic model for the bands video to make a mould from using the same RTV silicone used for the alice mould, and making 5 generic models for the video which will then be dressed as the characters.

I've planned out the next 4 weeks so that I can try and get everything I want done in time, though I've already hit a snag in the form of a 10 minute presentation on friday! so that means researching and preparing for that, AND losing pretty much a whole day on friday when we all have to present them! ack! So I'm currently trying to get ahead of myself!

This weeks plan looks like this...

Monday 19th April: Analyse Brief. Come up with 6 concepts. Band meeting 5.30pm. Paint Alice mould with Vaseline solution.

Tuesday 20th April: Choose 2 concepts and develop further. Make bands generic armature (x 5)Pour silicone into Alice mould

Wednesday 21st April: Draw up storyboards for Final Concept, scan and start to colour in PSPhotograph Granny Model for Portfolio.

Thursday 22nd April: Finish colouring E4 storyboardsStart drawing up E4 Sets. Put Presentation together for friday.

Friday 23rd April: PRESENTATIONS. Character Design/ Boards for E4. Colour up boards in PS. Draw up final sets for E4, scan and start to colour.

Saturday 24th April: At Work. Evening: Mock up CV, cover letter and business card.

Sunday 25th April: AM: Typing up research PM: work

But like I say, I need to fit into that the following things that Dave wants done this week...

*10 minute presentation on Skillset and potential employers etc. for Friday 23rd April, 9am.
*Commentaries on portfolio pieces
*Mock-up of CV, cover letter and business card ideas for Monday 26th April
*Final Show ideas. (fortunately I started this over easter!)

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