Sunday, 22 May 2011

One of the best things I found in Berlin...


To be fair, we didn't simply discover it, I'd heard about them last time I was in Berlin and found a website listing all their locations so that I could hunt them out this time, but we just happened to pass this one one morning and it was right round the corner from the Pictoplasma venue so we were able to make a few trips each day!

...and so about 11 attempts later (1 or 2 failed to materialise) and a mere 22euro spent (2euro a go! bargain!) we had a whole bunch of ridiculous photos, all we need now is a frame to put them in...


  1. You know there's one of these in Shoreditch, right?

  2. Yeah I found that out from the website, but I don't want a memento from Shoreditch, I wanted one from Berlin :P

  3. I went nuts for these in Berlin. 2€! Come on, really? really ja!

    (and I've just spotted out of the corner of my eye a post about 'pictoplasma'... I darent look! Was meant to work at it but bottled it!)

  4. aww what were you going to be doing there?! Had you been before?