Friday, 30 October 2009

Finishing the binding...

And finally.... I would have done these all as one post but blogger doesn't seem to like me so doesn't want to let me put the photos where I want.

So this is where I'm up to right at this very minute! 
Have padded out the palms a little with wadding and finished the limbs and bound them all with thread. I've done the body too, first with thread, but then to get a tidier finish I used some wool.

Next few steps will be to attach some bolts into the feet and maybe use some polymorph to gave them a little shape, the fingers need bound with something and then dipped in latex which I'm going to add some dye to so that they're flesh coloured. I think I might brush latex onto the legs, and put some tights on between the layers, but try and keep the texture from the thread a little so that they look like wrinkly stockings. Then obviously I need to make her clothes! I'm planning on knitting her a little tank top so that'll be the most fiddly bit! I just hope I have time to do it otherwise it might be something I have to go back to do later.

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