Wednesday, 10 August 2011


I'm not doing too well these days with updating the blog, mainly because I hadn't had a lot of time to do stuff, there's been a lot of wedding business going on in July, and they were one weekend after the other, and neither were in London so that meant being away for the weekend! Twice!
 It's all been lovely though, and seems I have a year to prepare for the next one!

In the meantime here are a few things I did for the two weddings I went to last month... First up my housemate Jo and her newly acquired husband Tom... Jo wanted a flyer to put in with her invites that contained all the info guests might need for the wedding - places to stay, dress code, whether confetti was allowed at the church etc - all the little questions people ask each other before the big day, answered on one piece of paper! She wanted it to look like a page out of a wedding magazine...

Next up was Marie and Chris' wedding. I've been friends with Marie since we've been about 4 so I was lucky enough to be asked to be a bridesmaid (for the first time!) and do lots of other bits for the wedding.

The first thing on the list was the wedding invites - both daytime/ceremony and evening - unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the evening ones and the only daytime ones I have were taken on my phone.
They wanted something really simple which tied in with the colour scheme. Marie bought pre-made cards then I added a strip of ribbon in blue (there was also a thinner white ribbon on top of this but the spray mount wouldn't hold them so I had to take them off annoyingly) and then their initials on the front with some diamantes - not usually a fan of diamantes but they just finished it off a little...

The inside was lined with blue card to match the front and then the invite printed onto tracing paper, inexpensive but looks a bit more interesting than plain white paper. This was then attached with eyelets - the evening cards were similar to this but in the form of an A6 postcards with some thin ribbon tied through the eyelets with a bow...

These took a lot of time as all the blue card, printed elements and ribbon had to be cut out and arranged and then the eyelets for each invite had to be attached, and there were a lot of invites. 
Chris and Marie were really pleased with them. It was a hard task as they wanted something very plain and simple so I couldn't get too carried away with any mad ideas but they were happy with them and that's all that matters!

The next job for Chris and Marie's wedding - and just as time consuming as the invites - was the cake topper. For this job I didn't really have to refer back to the bride and groom much as I wanted it to be a surprise for them, the only input they had was mostly from Chris; requesting that he be wearing a Hawaiian shirt (which Marie knew about) and that Marie be stood on a yellow pages (which she didn't know about). So neither were allowed to see the topper before the wedding; Marie wasn't allowed to know about the yellow pages and Chris couldn't see what the dress was going to look like, so it meant they had to just leave me to get on with it!
There were a lot of late nights spent on it after work so I didn't waste much time taking photos of the process and stupidly only took a finished photo on my phone, hopefully the photographer got a decent one...

So all this wedding malarkey hasn't left much time for other crafty stuff, but since the weddings I've been catching up on knitting and as a result have finished all the pieces for my jumper! I'm now 3/4 of the way through the tedious task of sewing in all the loose ends - and there are a LOT - 2 for every time the colour changes, but once they're done it just needs sewn together and then the neck can be knitted! HURRAH! Not convinced that once finished it will fit though :s

A ridiculous amount of loose ends to sew in... zzzzzzzzzz...

Now that I have a bit of time I have a few little projects ready to start, as well as ongoing ones! but I want to do a separate post on those in the hope it'll force me to complete them... and make it look like i'm getting better at updating...


  1. You should make this a full time thing Lynsey, there fantastic!

    The scarf is cool too!

  2. haha aww thanks Lee, I did put a bit of work into the cake toppers before I moved down to London after I made one for Smythers and his Mrs, might go back and pick up on it again as it might me a nice way to make some extra cash.
    Glad to see you're updating a little more regularly again! the comic stuff looks awesome! can't wait to see some more!

  3. Wow lynsey that looks fab!! You really are great at making those, Lee is right!
    Love the wedding flyer design too, great idea. I love the way you make your fimo/sculpey figures though, really inspiring!

  4. aww thanks Ash, they're so fiddly and frustrating though haha
    the flyer was quite fun to do 'cause it's different to stuff I would usually do :)